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10 mai 2006 3 10 /05 /mai /2006 21:32
  Florence Bergeaud-Blackler

Docteur en Sociologie, associée à l'Unité d'Anthropologie
UMR 6578 CNRS – Université de la Méditerranée

Téléphone direct  : +33 (0)8 70 44 94 40
Secrétariat UMR 6578 Université de la Méditerranée : +33 (0)4 91 32 45 42
Email : florence.bergeaud-blackler@univmed.fr

Florence Bergeaud-Blackler past her PHD in Sociology in 1999 at the Université Victor Segalen de Bordeaux (France). She held a Diplôme d'Etude Approfondie (DEA) in Social Anthropology. Florence Bergeaud-Blackler  is currently involved in post-doctoral research on Sociology of food and consumption, production and consumption of food for religious consumption, animal welfare and ritual slaughtering.
In 2000 and 2001, she obtained public funding and private breeding companies support to conduct a research on the production and consumption of fresh halal meat in Aquitaine. Then, until 2004, she was employed by the Centre of Research on Innovation and Competition at the University of Manchester where she was responsible for a Work-Package in the "Trust in Food" EU funded FP5 project. This project was directed towards the identification and analysis of factors that determine Trust in foods and food supply in EU countries and at the European Union level.  
As research associate at the UMR 6578, she is now working more closely with agro-economists , food chain stakeholders and religious associations to understand the conditions for production, qualification and consumption of food for religious purposes in European countries.

GO TO PERSONAL WEBPAGE : http://www.anthropologie-biologique.cnrs.fr/recherche/Fiche_Synthetique_Photo.php?id=25



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